The View from the Roost of the Woodpecker

You may wonder how on earth I got the idea to call my new blog That could be a real long story if I wanted to go all the way into it. But there’s a short version of the story too, which goes like this: That’s what they called me in high school; they called me Woody Woodpecker!—or simply “the Woodpecker” for short.


That’s a good question. But before I answer that question I must tell you about Denver Airport Limo Car Services.

Denver Airport Limo Car Services is a company that my good friend Harry Rotterdam established about twenty years ago.

Harry used to live near me here in north Denver, but about fifteen years ago, after his limousine company started getting very successful, he moved to a big house in the Cherry Creek district of town.




For a long time we didn’t see each other much after that, but two or three years ago, when we ran into each other one day at DIA (Denver International Airport), we decided to get together with our wives for dinner and drinks at least once a year or so.

And the last time we met, about a month ago, he told me that if I would mention his company in the new blog that I was getting ready to start, then he would pay me an advertising fee.

He would pay me a $25 advertising fee!

 “But why would you pay me so much?” I asked him. “I don’t even know if anybody is even going to read my blog.”

“I will,” he said. “I will definitely read your blog—or at least I’ll read your the first post on your blog. So if you’ll mention the name of my limousine company in that post, I will pay you an advertising fee of $25.”

So there it is: I mentioned the name of his limousine company in my first blog post. And so now I get a $25 advertising fee.

But…why did they call me Woody Woodpecker when I was in high school? That’s the real question, isn’t it? And I’ll bet that all of you out there in Cyberland who are reading this, would really like to hear the answer to that question, right?

Then I’ve got you! I’ve got you hooked! Because to see the answer to that question, do you know what you have to do? You will have to read my next blog post!